Frequency Tuning

Allow The Real Onez to Tune Your Vibration

Do you need to shift something specific in your life? 


Have you created cycles and you don't know how to create something new??

Join The Real Onez as they take you on a journey of going within and clearing those old, low vibrational stories and energies that no longer serve you.


You will receive a Divine download of information to assist you in shifting into new beliefs and energies. 

Through The Real Onez Divine Connection, you will activate high vibrational energy that has the ability to tune you into the frequency of what you are looking to create.


This will be recorded and you will be unanimous.  We believe sharing this will benefit the collective consciousness by allowing others to benefit from our work together!!

The exchange for this work is donation based. 


After your session we will share our Paypal link and ask that you please send us the value you feel you have received.