Goldyn Duffy has been an avid student of Universal Law, Mindfulness, Quantum Physics and Meditation for many years.  Her story is inspiring and truly proves that your beliefs create your reality.  After moving across the country with her family from Connecticut to California, to answer a strong call of her heart, she tapped into her intuitive gifts that have helped her to assist others in releasing energy and healing generations of trauma.  She has written two books highlighting her journey in manifesting her desires and shares them below.  Her simplification of the laws and lightheartedness keeps audiences entertained and expanding their journeys in a very unique way.  Goldyn knows she is here for great purpose and she will help you to get on the fast track of living the most joyful, unlimited experience possible!!!  Her biggest success and greatest joy in her life is her family.  She has been navigating life with her best friend and husband for 33 years and has created a beautiful, loving family of four daughters as a result.  She is particularly fond of her new role as Gigi to an amazing little granddaughter. She lives in Orange County, California, the place she always dreamed of living, proving that when you apply the principles she believes in you truly do make your dreams come true.